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 Anyone heard of the James Potter series?

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Anyone heard of the James Potter series? Empty
PostSubject: Anyone heard of the James Potter series?   Anyone heard of the James Potter series? EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 3:24 pm

Has anyone here heard of the James Potter series?

I'm not suggesting it; just asking if anyone heard of it.

It's about Harry Potter's eldest son.

I only read the first few chapters. Part of me wanted to continue reading. Part of me wanted never to read fanfiction again. And here's why:

Part of why I'm not suggesting it is because I didn't finish it, nor did I really enjoy the little bit of it that I actually read, and both of those facts would make it unfair for me to say "NO DON'T READ IT!" or "I LOVED IT! GO READ IT!" I'm not entirely sure why I disliked what I read, since I can't verify if that's how James Potter really would have acted (if Rowling had written it rather than G. Norman Lippert), but something about it screamed "parody". I didn't mind the writing style, although I had to re-read many sentences to figure out what he meant. I didn't mind a lot of it, but there were some things that just got to me in a negative way.

I commend the author for spending so much time and putting so much thought into this huge fanfiction, I just didn't like the vibe that I got from it. A lot of it bothered me, such as was the American character's incessant use of what's likely known around the world as "American lingo", words like as "wacky" and whatnot. I didn't like James's first two friends - James and Ralph - in general.

Perhaps it's because I'm so impressionable, and I don't want to have my view of the Harry Potter world altered and sculpted to the imagination of a fanfiction author. Perhaps I'm just one of those "If it's not Rowling, it's not Potter" readers.

I hate to be such a cruel critic, I really do. I'm trying desperately to find positive things to say. My critique is entirely unfair because I only really read the first few chapters, and a good critic always reads it through before jumping to conclusions. Perhaps if I had read a bit more, I'd have enjoyed it.
Ahahaha, this has become a rant, hasn't it? XD I apologize thoroughly, I just felt like getting this out of my system.

Any other opinions on this? I don't judge if your opinion differs from mine; in fact, I love hearing what everyone has to say! Please don't tell me I'm an idiot because I didn't like it, though. Maybe I'll give it another shot in the future. Until then, opinions and comments please?
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Anyone heard of the James Potter series?
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